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April 09 2013

Video Marketing Albuquerque

Video Marketing Albuquerque
Hey, how are you doing? My name is Mike LeMoine. I’m one of many founders only at Maverick Online marketing and i also want to speak with you about video marketing right here in Albuquerque. Utilize this type you need to consider online video marketing? Well, obviously for precisely what I’m doing here. It is possible to communicate a message in your clients or prospective clients or your prospective customers inside a unique method in which makes it possible to be noticeable, differ, be seen, and ultimately attract a crowd, engage that audience and turn that into a roi.

I’m shooting this video from below in our studio in Albuquerque, Boise state broncos. Why does that matter? Well, we’re one of many only online marketing companies having a full production studio behind us to aid our clients and our customers get the word out regarding business. Practically we put videos on YouTube, we put videos online. Furthermore, we many weeks broadcast live, from the studio around the world to our own customers and clients, and often we’ll have our very own clients do live broadcasts from the studio to interact, reach and speak to their potential customers in a completely new way.

Look, the year 2013 will be the year of video. Cisco says over Ninety percent of website traffic is going to be driven by video. So I would love you to think about that really quick. 90 percent of website traffic driven by video. The amount of videos do you have on the market getting visitors to your site or more importantly, getting visitors or traffic to your door of the someone's place of business?

Online video marketing in Albuquerque is definitely an untapped method of getting the phrase out regarding your business, to get something working for you 24/7, and also to ultimately assist you to engage, have more customers making more money. So if you’re searching for assist with online video marketing, there’s absolutely nowhere else you should turn in Albuquerque. Apart from us at Maverick, because we’ve got the complete production studio, we’ve got the whole editing team, the entire production staff, and that we understand with 800 videos online employed by us and our clients every day, could the strength of online video marketing. But more valuable , we realize making online video marketing do the job and your company. I look forward to continuing this conversation in person in our conference room when we speak about marketing with video. But fo the time being, this is the best I can do. I am looking forward to seeing you soon. And again, I’ll see you at our website, MaverickWebMarketing.com. Thanks!

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